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Designer, photographer & perpetual traveler

On road since 2015.
About me

Digital Creative with Nomadic Core


My name is Tat, short from Tatevik, it’s an Armenian name.

I was born in Yerevan and grew up in Soviet Republic of Armenia, which became in early 90’s young independent Republic of Armenia. As you may guess, I had back then not many opportunities to explore the world, except of traveling in “theory” with numerous history, adventure and travel books, with movies, tv-shows and documentaries. All that fuelled my curiosity and longing for distant countries. In course of time, facing various political and economical obstacles on my way to those dream destinations, I realised, how (not)traveling was abusing my personal notion of freedom.
Tatev Monastery, Armenia. My name is taken from the 9th-century Tatev monastery in southern Armenia. Image Source: Wikipedia
Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina 2012. This is the firs time I found myself traveling such a remote destination all alone.

The beginning of my digital nomad career

Things changed after I moved to Germany to study design in 2003, as I sensed the freedom I longed for. I could travel much easier as before and used every little chance to explore the world around me – first Germany, then European neighbours and USA. In 2012 I put my first step on South American continent – my first long term solo trip to Argentina. It just happened, that I always had my laptop with me, so nomadic lifestyle unifying remote working and studies with traveling became pretty quickly my new reality. Consider me an early adopter.

Looking back I see, how I evolved and my interests changed. With each journey I discovered something new of the world and of myself, facing an exciting evolution from a unconfident over-planned tourist to an experienced solo traveler.

Globetrotter and Self-Explorer

In the middle of my advancing design career in Frankfurt I started seriously questioning my life(style). Although I was successful, had good income and wonderful friends (and actually pretty good life I guess), I was overworked, deeply depressed and unhappy, suffering maddening headaches. I was at the edge of burn out.

It might seem a cliche, but I saved some money and took a time off from my job to travel around the world. In December 2015 I headed the road and traveled in six months 13 countries and almost 75.ooo km to recharge and figure out the new recipe of my happiness. It was indeed a core-shaking and life-changing journey, after which I could impossibly go back to the grid. I craved for self-determined life and freedom. Consequently I quit my job in Frankfurt and started my freelance career. I felt like I needed to go back to my roots – I was a digital nomad before it was even invented. Four months later I headed the road again to Vietnam to test my version of location independent life. Well, I’m happy to tell you, it worked out, I never stopped travelling since then.
The Thar Desert in Rajastan, one of the most remote corners of India, almost at the border with Pakistan. 

…are you kind of a digital nomad?

Nomad – I guess so.
Digital? I prefer “modern”.

What is this blog about?

While going step by step toward my nomadic happy life, I spent countless hours with myself. There have been many self-talks – very honest conversations full of mind boggling questions and inspiring answers. I fought many fears and went through an impressive transformation from confusion and depression to confidence and freedom. I reinvented strategies and learned new skills while observing countries, cultures and inspiring people I met on my way. I explored my own core. All these I’m going to share with you here in this blog and hope, I can inspire, empower and encourage you to act on your dreams. As you see, at certain point traveling stopped being to me a geographical or cultural experience only. It became a self-exploration, which promises to be a never-ending journey. You are very welcome to join me!

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