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Patagonia, I'm so in love with you!


"…you can't travel to Argentina and miss out on Patagonia!"
So true! In fact after two trips to Patagonia my own piece of advise goes like this: if you ever get to travel to South America, don’t miss out on Patagonia. Divided between Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is one of the most beautiful corners on Earth.
I still feel like I need to get back there once again. It is perhaps every time I was there, I discovered something very important for myself, so it changed my life in unexpected positive way.

Love from first sight

First time, when I found myself in El Calafate, I experienced an unbelievable sense of freedom. With this choice of destination I overcame my fear of traveling alone to such a remote non-urban area. It was the first time I undertook an outdoor adventure on my own. This trip was like a super-intense personal development class, it boosted my confidence enormously and was indeed a strengthening experience. I left Patagonia with my hearth filled with love for this place. I knew, I was going to be back.

Where I heard my inner voice

WORLD TRIP 2015-2016
Just three years after I was back to South America. I was traveling around the world to recover and to figure out the recipe of my happiness. And sure enough, Patagonia was on my route. I merged with the breathtaking nature to focus on my own thoughts. Another thing I truly love about Patagonia is that sense of overwhelming remoteness. This is where I started hearing my inner voice. The long and demanding hikes were perfect for my honest self-talks. The stunning and constantly changing sceneries strengthened my core. I faced so much beauty here and became such a vital boost here, that Patagonia became branded in my heart and mind as one of the most loved spots on the Earth.

It might seem like it is time to cross off Patagonia from the bucket list…

…but not for me. Patagonia is firmly pinned there because of many good reasons. Particularly because it’s unpredictable and never the same. It’s vast and harsh tempered, thus strengthening and pushing the limits. In addition it’s overwhelming beautiful, and I desperately need beauty in my life. But most important, I just left my heart there. Knowing that home is where the heart is, one thing is sure, I will go back there some time soon.

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