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Perito Moreno

8 AM, I was picked up for a full-day glacier tour, which included a small coffee stop at a ranch, afterwards a 2 hour hike along the Lago Argentino shore, a boat ride to the glacier front, and a couple of hours at the balconies with panoramic view of the most spectacular glacier Perito Moreno.

A coffee to wake up is more than welcome!

First stop at a ranch half an hour away from El Calafate.


Time for a hike…

Our bus entered the Los Glaciares National Park. We walked down the hill to the lake.

This is where our hike ends: a majestic view of the mountains in the background and the southern front of the glacier in the foreground.
But before I leave I’d like to make a quick zoom to capture the scale of the glacier. Will get there closer with the boat, but first we’re going to see its northern front from the balconies.


Perito Moreno the northern face from balconies

That endless field of ice

and the mysterious sound of the icebergs breaking off the glacier

The southern face from boat


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