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Zipline in El Calafate

About 5 PM. As I came back from the glacier tour, I found a message from Yennifer ( the Colombian girl I met last night at the Estancia 25 de Mayo). She asked if I would like to join her on zipline tour this evening. A small group of young people (5-6 persons) were going cross the canyons with zip rope, also some climbing. Sounded like a huge fun to me! I said YES!

To celebrate our evening we became some local schnapps made of the plat with yellow flowers (don’t remember the name). Was good! One last shot with my instructors. Gonzalo and Martin made a great job. We had huge fun climbing, they were very attentive, explaining good, and most of all I appreciated their sense of humor. Thanks guys!

I’m so thankful Yennifer for getting me here. In fact I love spending time with her. We established a great connection right when we met. We hade similar stories, a lot of topics to talk, so the evening was not over for us. A good dinner will crown this wonderful day. This time it’s not gonna be a lamb or any other meat meal. Yennifer is a vegetarian, and I’m glad to discover more of local culinary with her.

We started the evening at a bar wit local artisanal beer, a friend of her brews it. We became 3 small testers to make our choice. I loved the dark one, with smoky intense taste, Yennifer took the sweeter one. A small potato dish ( a la chef) complementing the drink. Baked potatoes with cream, bacon and onions, delicious, but very staffing. I hate to waste food, but couldn’t finish.

An hour later we made our way to a place called Pura Vida. A bit further away from the Calafate downtown and the main touristic stream, this restaurant is a true pearl with great food and wines. A pure paradise for vegetarians! As we didn’t have much hunger, we ordered us just a dish to split, rice with vegetables and some house wine. Dolce vita!




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