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Good Morning, Mexico!

I left Frankfurt with mixed feelings hoping to concentrate during the flight. I closed my eyes for a few times and tried to imagine any fragment of my upcoming journey. Nothing popped up. No chance. No single image… I even failed to recall my bookmarks on Pinterest.

Eventually, I ended up spending 11 hours, contemplating random thoughts crossing my head. Most of them are not even worth to mention, yet a few stuck in my head:

  • A practical thought – note for the next flight: pack the alpaca socks in the carry-on luggage!
  • A warming one: the German winter lies behind me. From this moment on, I will be enjoying constant spring and summer up to the October 2016.
  • Tropical Xmas: I’ll be celebrating the Christmas at 30C and 90% humidity. Yeah!
  • No Glühwein & Weihnachstmarkt for Tat this year.
  • Talking about food, I’m not counting on eating good cheese during the whole journey. I, certainly, will be having a lot of great food, no complaints! But, knowing myself, I will miss cheese… and good German bread, that I can tell for sure.
  • My mind is too busy to sleep – I should probably use the time and write a post about my budget.
  • And the most important one: no matter what, I am just one itinerary away from home.

Anyway, the budget list, at least a part of it, is done, which helped to kill some time. Then we started to land. Almost 9 PM, landed 30 minutes earlier as scheduled. The flight was smooth, the food was ok, a baby was crying at times – poor little thing! However, it was not that disturbing at all.

Here I am doing my very first step out of the airplane in Cancún airport. I knew it was going to happen –

that overwhelming excitement, that super joyful feeling of a dream comes true.

It came in waves, intensified by the humid, hot, heavy tropical air touching my skin after 11 hours of air-conditioned cold and dry environment. The air is the borderline – my lungs are overwhelmed, every cell of mine feels the difference. Everything is going to be so different in my whole life. I guess I’ll remember this moment forever. This sticky air, if you only could imagine how much I love it right now!

Good Morning, Mexico!

It took me 2 hours to reach my bed at the airport hotel (3 minutes drive). Yeah, there is no hurry in here 🙂  It was a good decision to avoid traveling to Tulum in the middle of the night. I had a great sleep, a tiny bit of jet lag, that was gone by the next day. The hotel shuttle took me to the bus station after the breakfast. Got my bus to Playa del Carmen, where I changed to Tulum. All in time, all good. Arrived in Tulum by noon…

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  • tat
    Thanks Chris! Sending you warm hugs!

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