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A winter weekend in Salzburg


I was on my way to Buenos Aires, in Frankfurt airport, when Berend crossed my path. He was on his way from Salzburg to LA. We had a short, but very engaging conversation, and agreed to stay in touch. Now and then we shared our travel impressions (Berend has passion for photography), talking about all that distant dream places in the world. I told once how I dreamed as a girl of Salzburg, without really thinking that Berend would invite me to visit him. Berend, a true gentleman, did in fact invite me to visit him when we are back to Europe, although he was not sure if I would accept his invitation. I’m happy I did, as it was a huge pleasure meeting Berend again and of course  Salzburg. My dear host, thank you for this wonderful time!

Saturday, early morning I took my train, six hours later I arrived in Salzburg. After a quick “checkin” at Berends place we grabbed the cameras and went to the city. While I was trying to capture all the elegance of this city, Berend kept portraying me (which would usually make me feel uncomfortable). But i enjoyed every single moment of that afternoon. Berends insider stories about Salzburg made my time even more memorable and special.

We made a stop at the M32, the restaurant at the Museum fur Moderne. Located at the top of the mountain, you get a gorgeous view over the city from the terrace. Just be sure not to miss it, when you are in Salzburg. And of course the ambient! A true highlight!

Time to treat my host:

an apple martini with a special cinnamon-nutmeg touch. The drink was absolutely delicious, enjoying it at the fireplace made the real kicker. The best is to come: dinner at Hangar 7 – the Red Bull Temple. Looking forward 🙂

Hangar 7

Here we are in Hangar 7  – the Red Bull Temple. Hangar 7 is a part of the Salzburg airport, where you’ll find bars and restaurants of exquisite level, the exhibition of crazy aircrafts, vehicles and bunch of various projects. The Hangar-7 is also used as a studio for Red Bull talk shows.From there you may see the Hangar 8, where the private jets of Red Bull park, of course with no public access there. This place is worth to visit, and for sure don’t miss the chance to try the delicacies at Carpe Diem Lounge-Café.

Stratosphere Mission

Perhaps the most fascinating one is the Stratosphere Mission and the capsule, from which Felix Baumgartner jumped in 2012.



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