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Tat rides a bus in BsAs

This is probably not that bad of an idea: get on a bus somewhere and ride it across the city, without a certain end destination, but enjoying the route by itself. I could gather impressions of the local architecture, get to see diverse neighborhoods, and watch people and cover larger distance (considering the huge scale of Buenos Aires, exploring the city by foot can be sometimes really challenging). So it sounded like a good plan to me. Now here I am in La Boca, at Camenito, huge bus station, it’s not going to be hard to pick one.

I took the Colectivo Linea 29 (Bus Nr. 29), it crosses Boca, San Telmo, Palermo, ends somewhere behind Belgrano (my guess 2 or more hours ride).  And it’s not expensive, for  less than an euro you’ll get an exquisite city tour 🙂 I got off somewhere at Plaza de Mayo. Here what happened.

It is so retro! I love the BA buses!

Let’s have a closer look at the interior of the bus: the retro sun blinder, these lovely hearts-and-flowers on numerous mirrors, and that little fan an the drivers window. Aren’t the lovely?

Speaking of street art…

I thought people get punished for this, and the best artworks were born at night and in fears of danger. Obviously not in Buenos Aires 🙂 God bless artists!
More gorgeous BA street art here

 Approaching Plaza de Mayo

The architecture becomes more “fancy” here. Plaza de Mayo, I’m almost there, time to get off.



But before closing the topic of buses, here the evidence of my admiration of this omnipresent retro-romantic.



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